Conference 2018

Thank you to member Alison Bruce, for this excellent synopsis of the 2018 Conference, from a delegate’s viewpoint:

The Conference was held at stunning Broomhall Castle was a great success, and included a wide variety of approaches from all our speakers.  

Bob Burns started the day with a vibrant, insightful talk, full of humour and fun.   He showed us that we should never be afraid of “failure” in a session, how to deal with these events, and how to let client know you are control of the session.

Our keynote speaker—Kelley T Woods (all the way from Washington, USA), then followed with her warm, compassionate talk on living hypnotically, sometimes this meant that she disagreed with Bob Burns, though the respect and affection they felt for each other was clear and showed that though we can disagree on different ways of doing things, everyone’s view is respected. In the afternoon Kelley talked about her work with young people & kids, and the many ways she has of engaging them into a great therapeutic alliance.

Sheila Granger wore her ‘big girl pants’ explaining her progress into being one of the UK’s foremost weight loss and hypnotic gastric band practitioners, whilst Mark Tyrell allowed us an insight into reframing, what reframes are and how to utilise them in a clinical setting.

The overall consensus was that it was an excellent conference, with everyone enjoying the interaction with the speakers as well as their individual talks. The ability to network with other hypnotherapists who have different levels of experience and specialities is always a marvellous and enjoyable experience.

How are we going to top this fantastic list of speakers in 2019 – well planning is already underway, and the date for the diary is 21st September 2019.  Please keep coming back for more news on speakers and topics soon!