Meet The Team

“Established The Ferringtons Practice in 1998 (Scotland’s first Investor in People Complementary Clinic (2007) Integrated Practice).
2008 winner of the NCH’s “Voice of the Year” (an achievement that I’m still extremely proud of).
I have three CAM awards. Three Community Awards for Excellence in Practice, Innovation & Creativity and Chamber of Commerce awards.

As a trainer I work with the Mo-tivation station, I’m also a Public Speaker, Performance Coach, Writer and Broadcaster

Mo Ferrington


Marion has been working as a Hypnotherapist since 2010, and also holds the NCH Diploma in Supervision, working with other Hypnotists.  Her early background was in Administrative management in the Higher Education and Public Sectors, and prior to moving out to consultancy work in the IT world working on largescale data projects for the banking sector, she owned and ran a company running Institute of Leadership and Management VRQs in Leadership, where she was required to learn Coaching Skills as part of the programme teaching.  This in turn gave her an interest in how emotional issues can cascade into difficulties in the workplace and led to an interest in hypnotherapy as a focussed solution.

Marion is co-moderator of the International Forum for Female Hypnotists called “Hypnotic Women”, and has had her work published in a book of the same name.

Marion Robb


Rogan Grant started late in Hypnotherapy, after discovering the incredible things it can do on a personal level.  Training in Scotland in Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT, he started a small practice in Berwick upon Tweed but progressed into starting a Community Interest Company based in Edinburgh and covering the Borders, he continued to train in Natural health to build upon required knowledge to offer greater understanding of issues he dealt with. Rogan is registered with the GHR as a Supervisor and is also CPD accredited Speaker; mainly focussing on the affects of acquired brain injuries, not just to the survivors, but for the carers and family members too.

Through his connections with Headway – The Brain Injury Association, he began to work with those affected by Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and has done so for several years, attending groups, other charities and conferences around the UK as a therapist and speaker and has been named by Headway as Britain’s first Neuro-Hypnotherapist. “I understand that standard practices can actually have a negative affect on those who have suffered a brain injury” He explains “it is learning how to modify our techniques to be bespoke for the individual injuries that is important for success”.

Rogan Grant

Charities and Promotions Director

I’m Dr Kathleen Skinner, a medical doctor and a fully qualified and insured coach and hypnotherapist. I know that looking after your mind is just as important as looking after your body. The more we understand about the mind body connection the clearer it is that nurturing a holistic approach to well-being is vital. I have now distilled all the best tools and teaching from the last twenty years into my coaching and hypnotherapy practice allowing you to make rapid and long-lasting transformative change. I show you the tools that help you gain insights that you can use for the rest of your life. I use a blend of solution focused questions, NLP, clean language, Hypnotherapy and Generative Trance and so much more. I am delighted to be on the board of the Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation as the Medical Adviser.

Dr. Kathleen Skinner

Medical and Research Director

I served 30 years in the Police. I read Psychology & Sociology at Leicester, Graduating in 1977. 1992 started part time Practice, prior to retiring. 1998 became Discipline Officer of the NCH and rewrote the procedure. June 1998 became secretary of UKCHO. August 1999 elected Chair of the NCH on Incorporation as a ‘Member’s Co-operative’. In 2007 was recalled to the NCH as Company Secretary and became a ‘special adviser’ to UKCHO. September 2009 I became a member of the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum and served till 2010. 2011 retired from NCH Secretary role. October 2015 I joined SHF.

Martin Armstrong-Prior

Vice Chair

Valerie is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is registered with the CNHC and a member of the NCH.  She is also a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner, a KG Hypnobirthing Teacher and Advanced BWRT Practitioner.  Based in Edinburgh she now works full time for her own business InRapport Therapies and runs clinics from both EH1 Therapies in Forth Street and Napiers Herbalist & Clinics on Bristo Place.  Valerie has followed a diverse career path and having initially qualified as a dietician she then retrained as a management accountant, building a successful business career across a range of sectors for over 25 years.  She has been a listening volunteer with the Samaritans since 2006 and has also carried out short voluntary assignments as an accountant for charitable organisations in Zambia and Cambodia. 

Valerie Walker


Previous to becoming a hypnotherapist I worked in administration. I qualified in 2010 and have a dedicated clinic based within my home. This allows me time to focus on my clients, giving them the privacy and confidentiality that is essential for them, whilst still creating a professional environment.

I took on the role of Conference Director since 2015 and endeavour to ensure that it is run smoothly each year. I also edit the Newsletter and encourage all our members to join in by sending in comments, articles, questions, etc.

Alison Bruce

Conference Director

Mary-Jane is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Relax Kids Practitioner, Mindfulness Trainer & Kinetic Chain Release Therapist.

Previously to becoming a full time therapist, I worked in the field of PR & Marketing as a Town Centre Manager, my remit at that time was to promote towns and individual businesses through the media, specific targeted events and discussions with professional organisations and/or politicians.

After recently attending the SHF Conference, I was inspired and persuaded that notwithstanding my other commitments, I should re join the board as Marketing Director, marrying all my skills to help promote and market the SHF.

I look forward to interacting with the board, our members and also continuing to increasing our ever growing membership.


Mary Jane Armstrong

Marketing Director